Iana - Brick Lane, Shoreditch

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with the incredible model, Iana, this week in one of my all-time favourite London locations: Brick Lane. We started our session on a quiet side street that showcased a beautifully distressed red wall, creating the perfect backdrop for our first look.  From there, we ventured into a vintage basement, where we had access to an array of props which added a new dynamic to ianas look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of our photoshoot.

After a quick outfit change, we ventured to another vibrant side street that was the perfect match for Iana’s punk-inspired attire. The graffitied walls and vibrant murals created an edgy backdrop that truly encapsulated the essence of her look. Iana rocked the punk aesthetic with such ease, bringing a rebellious energy and a whole lot of attitude to the shoot.

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